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Multi-Family Development
The Westwood Group builds several product lines including “urban” high-density luxury apartments and high-quality “value” apartment homes. The former offers an “urban” designed property with a high concentration of units constructed around structured parking garages, with elegant clubhouses, resort style pools, and extensive exercise facilities. The latter offers similar common amenities, but the property is a garden style development, with less opulent interior finish.

From the outset, each property is assigned an experienced team of consultants. Engineers, architects and land planners work in tandem to create innovative site solutions. Together, they determine not only the right product for the market, but the appropriate design for the property. Market analyses are conducted, the results of which influence the final product. Then, taking all into consideration, the team creates a site plan and product design that best conforms to the physical characteristics of the property and the needs of the market.

Under the guidance of Westwood’s partners, over 50,000 multi-family units have been developed. The proven track record of success with these properties has produced quality housing coupled with profitable results for capital invested.
Projects Currently Bidding

Newman Village

Coming Soon

Frisco, Texas
Bid Invitations Coming Soon
Breaking ground 2018

Sonny Wagner
Sr VP of Construction
Frisco, Texas
Bid Invitations Coming Soon
Breaking ground 2018

Jason Gaiko
Sr VP of Construction
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Change Order Request Procedure

All Change Order Requests must be submitted through the Westwood Project Management website, by the Subcontractor/Supplier.  

Change Order Requests must be discussed with the Project Manager prior to submittal. Change Order Requests submitted without Project Manager’s knowledge will be automatically denied.

Allow two weeks for Change Order Requests to be approved or denied.

If approved, a Westwood Change Order will be issued for signature.
Do not submit an unapproved Change Order with your draw. It will not be paid.
All Change Orders must be approved by the Project Manager and signed by Tom Teague or Jeff Lindsey, to be valid.

To expedite the process, submit Change Order Requests as soon as you are aware of a possible change in scope, or need for additional materials, after you have discussed the issue with a Project Manager.

Submitting a Change Order Request is the responsibility of the Subcontractor/Supplier. Project Managers will approve or deny all Requests in writing.

How to submit a Change Order Request:
Open www.wrc-pm.com in your browser
Choose “ Change Order Request ” from the footer menu
Complete only the top half of the form, to the dotted line
Choose the “Click to Email” button

Please attach your change order bid/price sheet, to the email, when submitting a Change Order Request.