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Westwood and its affiliates are fully integrated, combining development, general contracting, property management and accounting services.  Since 1992, The Westwood Group has built or acquired over 50,000 units in the following markets:  Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Denver, Colorado Springs, Phoenix, Tucson, and Orange County, California.

Development Strategy

The Westwood Group is a niche builder.  It develops apartments that:

1.         are located proximate to job generators, such as business parks, hospitals, regional malls and manufacturing facilities;

2.         offer floor plans, amenities, and resort style pools at a competitive price to our residents; and

3.         are constructed to appeal to institutional take-out buyers and lenders.

Since The Westwood Group is fully integrated, it controls every step of the development cycle:  project conception, site selection, design, land acquisition, financing, development, general contracting, leasing, accounting, management, and sale (or permanent financing).  This control promotes efficiency, quality, consistency, and lower costs.
Projects Currently Bidding

Accepting Bids
Newman Village

Coming Soon

Frisco, Texas
Accepting Bids thru 06/01/18
Breaking Ground - Summer 2018

Sonny Wagner
Sr VP of Construction
Frisco, Texas
Bid Invitations - Coming Soon
Breaking Ground 2018

Jason Gaiko
Sr VP of Construction
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